90 NFM Loan Originators Named Top 1% Mortgage

Linthicum Height, NFM Lending, August 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LINTHICUM, MD, August 20, 2021 – NFM Lending and its family of lenders are proud to announce that 90 of its loan originators have been ranked among the “Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in America 2020” by Mortgage Executives Magazine.

Every year, Mortgage Executives Magazine compiles a list of the best mortgage makers in the country. This list recognizes and celebrates leading mortgage professionals for their service, hard work, and overall dedication to serving their clients. A minimum of $ 30 million of personal production in 2020 is required to be eligible for the honor.

“2020 has been a monumental year for NFM Lending and the mortgage industry as a whole. I want to recognize the incredible achievement of the 90 NFM Family Loan Originators who reached the Top 1% in 2020, ”said David Silverman, Founder / CEO of NFM Lending. “The dedication and talent of this group of people is inspiring. I am honored and touched by their continued growth and success. They have exceeded all expectations with the highest standards not only at NFM, but throughout the mortgage industry.

In addition to this remarkable honor, three NFM Loan Makers were included in magazine’s Top 200 Mortgage Makers in America list: Oleg Tkach (Lynwood, WA) at # 49, Jessica Uphoff (Westminster, CO) at # 133 and Jane Floyd (Tampa, Florida) at # 163. “I am extremely proud of Oleg Tkach, Jessica Uphoff and Jane Floyd and their phenomenal teams,” added Silverman. “They continue to amaze their customers and reference partners year after year. Their leadership and pursuit of excellence are the driving forces behind their success, which has placed them on the list of the top 200 domestic producers of 2020. We are grateful to each of them as they are such role models and leaders. positive in the NFM family. Congratulations to all!”

Congratulations to our 90 loan originators:

John Acton, Freedmont Mortgage Group

Darran Anthony, Main Street Mortgage Loans

David Arocho, NFM Lending

Danny Banda, NFM Lender

Tyler Barnett, NFM Lending

Andrew Beigel, NFM Lending

Scott Bienstock, Freedmont Mortgage Group

Neil Bourdelaise, Main Street Home Loans

Nick Bronsozian, BluPrint Home Loans

Benjamin Burkett, NFM Lending

Brian Burnham, NFM Loans

David Campagnole, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Eric Carlson, NFM Lending

Clay Carroll, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Anthony Cellini, NFM Loans

Hillary Cochin, Home Loans on Main Street

Brian Coleman, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Austin Combs, NFM Lending

Jerry Cook, NFM Loans

Gregory Cowart, NFM Lending

Taylor Croy, NFM Loans

Mario Cua, NFM Lending

Roger Dennis, NFM Loans

Jeff Douglas, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Karen Dulmage, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Derek Evans, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Michael Farrell, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Carolyn Flitcroft, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Jane Floyd, NFM Loans

Jason Fox, NFM Loans

Ryan George, NFM Loans

Christopher Grizzell, NFM Lending

Rita Hairston, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Bryan Harrison, NFM Loans

Nathan Hartseil, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Christopher Jordan, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Craig Kam, NFM Loans

Craig Kessler, Freedmont Mortgage Group

Thurman Killen, NFM Lending

Mary Levinson, NFM Lending

William Lex, NFM Loans

David Licciardi, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Amy Lodes, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Andrew Long, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Sean Maloney, NFM Lending

Nicholas Mautino, NFM Lending

Tonya May, NFM Lending

Brian McDermott, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Jason McLaughlin, NFM Loans

Colleen McQuillen, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Jeff Miltenberger, NFM Lending

Jeremy Minson, NFM Lending

Jolene Moore, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Kelcey Morange, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Kevin Murphy, Freedmont Mortgage Group

Paul Nagel, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Robert O’Connell, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Peter O’Donnell, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Gustavo Pared, NFM Lending

Brandon Pavlovic, NFM Lending

Chuck Payne, NFM Lending

Brian Pintar, NFM Loans

Michael Plummer, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Jeremy Poling, NFM Lending

Michelle Powstanski, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Matthew Primrose, NFM Lending

Bryan Raiford, NFM Lending

Timothy Reinhart, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Waldy Ripoll, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Gregory Runyon, NFM Lending

Daniel Sa, NFM Loans

Robin Sabatino, Freedmont Mortgage Group

Sylvia Sanders, BluPrint Home Loans

John Savastano, Main Street Mortgage Loans

Salvatore Savastano, Mortgage loans on the main street

Derek Schwarz, Main Street Mortgage Loans

James Serrano, NFM Lending

Justus Sharp, NFM Lending

Shane Staples, NFM Lending

Rob Stettler, NFM Lending

Blane Stewart, NFM Lending

Hans Stone, BluPrint Home Loans

Ashley Swenson, NFM Loans

Oleg Tkach, NFM Loans

Ana Tolentino, Main Street Mortgage Loans

David Travers, Main Street Loans

Jessica Uphoff, NFM Loans

Travis Vollmerhausen, Mortgage loans on the main street

Raquel Wilson, NFM Lending

Kenneth Ynes, NFM Lending

NFM Lending is proud of the accomplishments of these loan originators and wishes them continued success.

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