Barcelona risk bankruptcy with biggest bet in club history

You see, while the president may change at Barca, the approach to stellar signings remains the same.

Indeed, Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann spoke for many in the footballing world this week when he remarked: “They have a lot of new players, not just Robert. I don’t know how to be honest.

“It’s the only club in the world that can buy players without money. It’s a bit weird and crazy.”

No arguments there. But there are of course ways around football’s fragile financial restrictions.

We are all becoming experts in Barca’s business model by the minute. They have just introduced ‘levers’ into the footballing lexicon due to the way Laporta is trying to revive a club that was ‘clinically dead’ when he took over from his predecessor, Bartomeu.

He has undeniably taken smart steps to improve the club’s financial situation. Wages have been reduced. Unwanted players have been sold.

However, there are still unmistakable traces of the ‘TBTF’ attitude in his approach to putting Barcelona back at the top of European football.

He is clearly ready to “take more risks than desirable”. The problem is that Barca might not be bailed out if their latest round of ‘bets goes wrong’.

Despite the precarious nature of their accounts, Laporta decided to play it safe for a few seasons, hoping to slowly but surely rebuild the club.

Instead, he decided to file for bankruptcy.

Janet E. Fishburn