Cloud Equity Group announces the launch of Specialty Lending Company II

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Cloud Equity Group Specialty Lending Company II to Provide Debt Financing to Technology Company Service Providers

We are grateful for the strong and continued support of our existing investment partners and are happy to welcome new partners into our various investment vehicles ”

– Sean Frank

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / – Cloud Equity Group (“CEG”), a New York-based investment manager specializing in technology company service providers, has today announced the launch of its Specialty Lending Company II (“SLC II”) loan vehicle. SLC II will provide secure lending solutions to cash-positive businesses in the technology-based business service provider sectors, a strategy consistent with previous investment vehicles of the Cloud Equity Group.

Founded in 2013, Cloud Equity Group’s investment strategy dates back to the early 2000s, when CEG founder Sean Frank was CEO and head of mergers and acquisitions at XE Technology Solutions, a global online service provider. The CEG team has nearly a decade of experience working together to support the growth and expansion of more than 50 portfolio companies since its inception.

“We are grateful for the strong and continued support of our existing investment partners and are delighted to welcome new partners to our various investment vehicles,” said Sean Frank, Founder and Managing Partner of CEG. “We would like to thank all of our investors for their continued confidence and support in our company’s investment strategy. “

For more information on CEG, please visit This announcement is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, including, without limitation, the securities of Specialty Lending Company II (“SLC II”) or any other entity. associated with Cloud Equity Group (“CEG”).

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Cloud Equity Group is a strategically positioned investment management company that capitalizes on the growing industries of web hosting and cloud-based infrastructure. The primary objective of the company is to leverage investor capital in the acquisition of private lower middle market companies that possess high levels of unleveraged free cash flow and / or significant exponential growth opportunities.

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