Elon Musk ‘woke up screaming’ over bankruptcy fears, says Talulah Riley | Entertainment

Elon Musk “woke up screaming” for fear of bankruptcy, according to ex-wife Talulah Riley.

The 51-year-old business tycoon now has an estimated net worth of $232 billion but has always tried to ‘avoid’ the prospect of going bankrupt, his estranged wife has claimed.

‘Pistol’ star Talulah – who was married to Musk between 2010 and 2012 and then from 2013 to 2016 – said: “He was trying to avoid bankruptcy. Every day Elon would come home and say, ‘C ‘is all. He was ridiculed by the press. He had these night terrors in the middle of the night. We were sleeping soundly and suddenly he was screaming in his sleep, as if he was trying to climb up and escape something.

The 37-year-old actress went on to explain that the Tesla founder – who later married pop singer Grimes and has a total of eight children from various relationships – even offered her a “way out” of their relationship at the start of business, but the couple got engaged just 10 days after they met at a London nightclub.

Speaking on BBC documentary ‘The Elon Musk Show’, she added: ‘All available resources had to be invested in the business. stay for it. My first impressions were that he was very nice, he seemed quite shy. He said ‘can I put my hand on your knee, and I said, ‘OK go ahead then’, I thought it was kind of nice that he asked. Then one night I remember he said you would like to come back to my hotel room so we could watch rocket videos? And I thought, OK, I’ll be back. And we walked into his hotel room… and he just showed me rocket videos.

“I moved right into the house with all the kids and it became a very real thing immediately. I think because of how young I was, I was relatively enthusiastic about it. Basically, our home life was work. We were focused on business and kids.”

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