Google may set up diversity training program after alumni complain about appalling pay

Google scrapped a program designed to train and hire engineers from a variety of backgrounds – after people who passed the program to become Googlers complained that they were poorly paid.

The Engineering Residency Program, known as Eng Res, has been in existence since 2014. It is aimed at those who do not quite qualify as entry-level engineers; these people are then trained in various departments of the chocolate factory, and after a year they are either hired as a suitable developer or dropped out.

The idea is to identify and improve the skills of people who have potential but have not had the same opportunities as others to learn and grow, or have faced unfair obstacles limiting their careers, before applying for a job at Google. Entry-level coders get a spot with one of the world’s biggest names in tech, and Google gets workers from diverse backgrounds.

But after completing the program, alumni receive lower salaries, lower bonuses and no share purchase units compared to their peers, claimed a group of more than 500 current and former Googlers.

Over time, this wage gap creates “systemic wage inequalities,” according to the presentation given to the Web giant’s top brass by graduates of Eng Res, reports Reuters.

Now Google has completely ditched Eng Res. A spokesperson said The register a new program will be put in place.

“The Eng Res program was designed to provide a wide range of high potential engineers with a 12-month rotation in different parts of Google, helping residents hone their skills and gain relevant experience early in their careers.” , said a spokesperson.

“We always evaluate programs to make sure they evolve and adapt over time to meet the needs of our employees. As such, our Early Immersion Integration (ECI) program will provide a new approach to support the growth of newly graduated engineers. “

Internet Titan Maggie Johnson emailed alumni earlier this month to let them know that Eng Res will be replaced by EIC starting in 2022.

Googlers have complained about unfair pay gaps within the sprawling mega-body empire for yonks. La Chocolaterie is facing a class action lawsuit by four women alleging that men working in the same roles as women are paid better for no good reason.

Last year, Google was ordered to pay at least $ 3.8 million in back wages and compensation for female engineers and Asian applicants, after the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs of The US government’s Department of Labor found that the company paid women less than men were less likely to hire qualified Asians for the jobs they applied for than others. ®

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