“It is better to spend your money by investing in a real estate bond instead of a car loan”

BetterBond CEO Carl Coetzee advises people to do their research before buying or investing a property.

BetterBond CEO Carl Coetzee explained why he recommends people spend their hard-earned savings on a home rather than a car that depreciates over time.

I think your money is better spent on investing in a house, as we have seen in recent years that houses are more likely to appreciate, unlike cars. By the time you drive your vehicle off the showroom floor, that vehicle has already depreciated.

Carl Coetzee, CEO – BetterBond

Coetzee says it’s best to hire a real estate professional to help you find the right property to buy and do your own research before investing or buying a property.

My advice would be to contact a real estate professional who can help you determine if the area and the house you are considering buying will appreciate, hold steady, or decline soon.

Carl Coetzee, CEO – BetterBond

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Many South Africans choose to buy their own vehicles, which are usually financed by debt, but since the pandemic people have started to invest in homes.

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