More than 25 large companies are committed to innovation and diversity

More than 25 leading innovation-driven companies have signed up for the U.S. IP Alliance’s Diversity Pledge ahead of the organization’s first virtual conference on increasing diversity in innovation, to be held jointly with UC Berkley and taking place next week July 26-29.

Adobe, AT&T, Facebook, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, P&G, Pure Storage, Seagate Technology and Uber are among the companies that have signed up. This engages them to implement best practices to increase the diversity of inventors within their operations and to share relevant data that tracks the results of their efforts (a more complete list of the companies involved can be found at the end of this article).

Increasing Diversity in Innovation will focus on providing best practices, data and research from universities, businesses and nonprofits designed to help companies better integrate and integrate minority inventors. in their innovation ecosystems, leading to demonstrable and measurable results.

A growing body of research has shown how women and members of minority groups are currently largely absent from the innovation process.

USPTO Progress and potential the report found that the share of women in patenting activity in the United States had only increased from about 5% to 12.1% in the 40 years prior to 2016; and which since then had stagnated again, reaching only 12.8% in 2019. Meanwhile, work done by Mile Pellegrino and recently published by I AM has shown that even in companies with a strong commitment to diversity, such as Apple, Google and Facebook, the gender gap in invention is marked.

Suzanne Harrison, co-founder and director of Percipience and CEO of The Gathering, and Allen Lo, vice president of intellectual property at Facebook, lead USIPA’s diversity and inclusion initiative. They recently wrote an article for I AM in which they observed that data collection is crucial to address current imbalances in invention, innovation and patenting processes:

The bottom line is that no company has solved this problem yet, and we need to encourage and reward companies for being transparent and open about their diversity efforts. If you can’t measure it, you can’t handle this is especially true in this case. Businesses need to establish a baseline data set and then strive to improve from there.

Reacting to promises received so far, the duo say they hope many other companies will get involved to help develop achievable and measurable changes designed to increase diversity in innovation. “It is gratifying to see so many leaders and intellectual property organizations coming together to promote diversity of thought, experiences and ideas,” says Harrison.

“This industry thrives when the lineup of inventors who contribute to it are as diverse as the people who use our products. The conference and engagement will bring together companies to share ideas and ideas on how to support under-represented inventors and create more equitable opportunities for them, ”says Lo.

Improving access to opportunities for innovation and invention is not only a matter of fairness, it is also about doing it because it will yield better results. The use of the potential in 100% of the population, as opposed to a segment of it, will boost research and product development with all the benefits that can come from it. “The collaboration of USIPA and UC Berkeley allows us to educate and create diverse-minded employees who are then better used by businesses to create increased profitability and a stronger US economy,” Harrison concludes.

It only costs $ 200 to attend the Increase Diversity in Innovation virtual conference. The registration page is accessible by clicking here.

Selection of companies that have joined the USIPA Diversity Pledge

AT&T, Chr Hansen A / S, DropBox, F5 Networks, Facebook, HP, HPE, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Lumentum, Microsoft, NetApp, Nielsen, Palo Alto Networks, PayPal, P&G, Pure Storage, SAP, Seagate Technology ,, Twilio, Uber, Viavi Solutions, Vue, Western Digital

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