North Central College appoints its first Director of Diversity

Chief Diversity Officer

“The responsibilities will definitely be wider and higher, which can be both intimidating and exciting,” said Rebecca Gordon.

North Central College has created a new position. Dr. Rebecca Gordon is now the college’s senior diversity officer.

Ways to improve

Gordon, who uses the pronoun “R,” will use feedback from students and staff to see how the college can improve or change, as well as to help identify systemic barriers.

“We are a predominantly white institution and there are micro-attacks that minimize a student’s experience, especially our black students. But it’s not just them, it can be based on religion, ethnicity, gender, ”Gordon said. “I really want to work hard to create this environment of belonging, acceptance and inclusion.”

Gordon brings this experience as North Central’s Assistant Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion before assuming this new role. Gordon was also the college’s first Title IX coordinator.

As head of diversity, Gordon will now be part of the president’s cabinet.

“Because sometimes you’re halfway through and you can change some things but not others,” Gordon said. “And so I’m going to be really excited to be making a difference at the most fundamental level here at college as well.”

Another area that R hopes to improve is staff diversity and ensuring that the search for candidates is done without implicit bias.

As a member of the Latin and LGBTQIA + communities, Gordon brings lived experience to the role.

Aysha Ashley Househ of Naperville News 17 reports.


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