Online Lending Company Launches Indie Music Platform, Protium Amp’d

Protium, an online lending and funding platform, launched an independent music platform, Protium Amp’d to identify aspiring singers and musicians across the country.

The inaugural event saw over 300 viewers and around 5 lakh watch the live broadcast.

Jiby Mathew Antony, Managing Director of Protium, said extraordinary musicians can be found in the most ordinary places and Protium Amp’d wants to become the voice of thousands of ambitious independent artists to enable them to reach the masses with their exceptional talent.

Amp’d will welcome a new singer and musician every Wednesday to one of its offices across the country. This might just be the chance every budding indie musician needs.

The new venture is very much in line with Protium’s reputation as a company that sets its own rules instead of blindly following those set by previous players in the segment, Antony said.

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In the finance sector, he said the company had a loan portfolio of ₹1,850 crore and non-performing assets were as low as 0.22%.

“We have established over 80 branches and fueled the ambition of over one million MSMEs,” he said.

Along with the array of marketing innovations, the company had launched a series of mobile van activities that allowed its executives to visit small business owners to understand their credit needs.

Janet E. Fishburn