Witerati: When Tom, Schick and Harry met Sally

The current European Championship not only launches goals, but also tribes of Tweeple whose lives have been modified and adapted to train not only their eyes but also the lifestyles of this titan of tele-entertainment.

We are not talking about football fans here, but non-fans whose way of life resembles a pitch alerted by Tauktae due to the fact that they are under the same roof as sports fans with a proven tendency to do fall off the roof. At the drop of a goal. By any Tom, Schick and Harry.

These are tribes of Tweeple whose timelines have been turned upside down by internal European observers glued to small screens or smartphone screens – spouses, sons or spaniels. The spaniels, not for their love of game, but for the chicken lollipop or the spicy cheese snacking that feeds all the euros exclaim.

The “hook” in the timeline has been turned upside down – the supernatural hours.

Golden booty and golden shoe

Sample this. An author friend would much rather be lying in bed, dreaming of goals as sublime as smashing the world author’s glass ceilings by collecting signatures in the New York Times or struggling with goals like writing futures. masterpieces for the Washington Post. Instead, she finds herself. sacrificing a sweet sleep to watch a different kind of spectacular lenses.

Thanks to her son, a sports journalist, she who does not know the A, B, C of football, has recently mastered the “D”. That is, the twisting language nomenclatures of all the players in the Denmark squad.

She who is an uncrowned gold queen, thanks to the golden booty amassed in a myriad of magazine legend contests, and she who has so far only known one pound sterling – the pound sterling – sees now his vocabulary is expanding to include the other type of boot and the pound sterling: Golden Boot and Raheem Sterling.

The curious case of Sleepless in See-It-All.

Rootedness and relational goals

The other species is symbolized by a better half who has lost a sweet sleep, not because they are motivated by lofty relationship goals of providing company to a lonely, football-loving spouse. No, she stays awake long after the morning bedtime just to make sure her partner stays awake. And don’t fall victim to his other passionate hobby outside of football – snoring. The fallout – since this half stays awake to make sure the spouse stays awake, she’s not awake, for the usual WhatsApp calls the next morning to Biradri, BFFs & Co.

When it comes to relationship goals in the era of football goals, how far behind can our comedic couple Lollita and Lamba ji be!

Lamba ji gurgles and laughs out loud as he watches England’s biting action against Denmark on the Idiot Box, his calf tendons shaking and tingling to a bhangra rampage. “Where’s the leash?” Lollita interrupts her impending revelry.

“Kane! Lamba ji takes root loudly.

“How the hell can a cane help keep the new kitten on a leash?” Lollita looks stunned. The rooting of Lamba ji refuses to be slowed down. Its jiving jullifications resemble those of a Labrador released from a leash. “Kane… Kane! ”

“Are you crazy… crazy?” Lollita is colder than the Gangotri Glacier, and scornfully closes the Idiot Box.

The curious case of Kane and Dis-able.

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